Simultaneously educating and representing New Orleans culture through film, photography and
video with the goal of carrying on in the spirit of a unique and indestructible heritage that has
tremendously influenced pop culture worldwide, Cinemadona helps create a path to tomorrow. By preserving New Orleans culture through visual media, we capture a part of history that has been essential in defining individuality in a society where differences are undervalued and cultural leadership, a rare trademark. Living in New York, Los Angeles and New Orleans has provided me with a winning combination of culture, ambition and the gift of seeing beauty in every beast. I’ve always had a passion for visuals. They became an outlet and my connection to life and understanding human nature better. As a true lover of culture, I show both the positive and negative aspects of our community. While our visions and values may not always align, our collaboration of ideas will capture the truth and beauty of each project. The story of Cinemadona began the week of Hurricane Katrina where my father, brother and I were separated from my mother and the rest of our family. The Convention Center is the site where I witnessed the most horrifying, loving and intense moments of my life. I realized then that life and moments that should be sacred, go unappreciated. As people, we must love one another more often and practice better communication. After miracles that my father pulled off we were finally reunited with my mother in Texas. Soon after, we moved to Los Angeles where I fell in love with the opportunity to tell my story and help others tell theirs. I specialize in providing visual media to local businesses, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and filmmakers whose messages might be lost to exploitation, appropriation and misrepresentation of true New Orleans culture. My goal in collaborating with local businesses is to empower them with the tools and opportunity for growth and success through visual media services and more effective communication.


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Yes, we know that website building can be a pain in the rectum. Let us solve all your web needs. If you love our self made website we can create one that you will love even more.

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We all know that advertising and marketing is essential to any thriving business. Let our graphic team create an outstanding brand for you.


Whether it be  simple headshots for that upcoming audition or capturing sacred moments for a wedding we are here for you.


Commercials, Music Videos , Kickstarter Videos and more. There isn’t any production too little for us we are always happy to help.


Ahhh, past projects and happy clients. This isn’t the complete list but you can view an extended version of this on vimeo and flickr.


C.Perkins & Buzy – “Never Let Go”
Daniel Heartless – “One in a Million”
Young Greatness – “2.0″
Ja So Rude – “Party && Bullshit”
SolGaleano – “Oye Mi Canto”
Reel Early 2014
Young Greatness – “Sammy Sosa”
Keedy Black – Rock My World
Real Estate Photo
Real Estate Photo


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